Soljans Estate Winery – A top wedding venue in Auckland

The Soljans Estate Winery can make your day very special if you are looking forward to selecting the best wedding venue in Auckland. It has become one of the most privileged reception places for weddings in this beautiful city in New Zealand.

A day on which you will declare to the world, love of your life, is the day you exchange your vows in front of your loved ones and such a day should be celebrated at one of the marvelous wedding venues in Auckland to make this day of your life one of the most memorable events of your life because this is where a new itinerary of a lifetime begins.

Soljans Estate Winery is enclosed in a beautiful vineyard which will make your wedding day even more enchanting. The stone used in the building of Soljans Estate is Hinuera stone which is a volcanic stone.

They have both indoor and outdoor facilities available and the rooms available in Soljans Estate Winery open up to the outdoor beautiful courtyard area which makes this place one of the most amazing wedding venues in Auckland. Here the seating capacity is of one hundred and fifty guests.

They have on-site catering available and the most delicious food. As they have a winery license, the wine served here is of top-notch and you can see that they have designed this place in Mediterranean style.

Their staff is well equipped with the knowledge of wedding preparations and will go the extra mile to make sure you have the best day. Their buffet menu is excellent and will cater to all of your guests whether they belong to a certain religion or are vegetarians and this wedding will surely leave your guests with a day to remember.

Your wedding day will be just as you planned it with the professional team of Soljans Estate Winery. The location here is perfect and the photos will be amazing due to the amazing scenery.

You can download a wedding information booklet comprising of thirteen pages from their website which include all the details related to the wedding from the venue to the menu and all types of decorations. 

The photography options here are magnificent as you can take photos where barrels are stacked up or wooden crates and within the gorgeous vines. With the venue as well to the menu everything is very important.

However, in order to reminisce about your wedding day, one of the most important things is the photography of your wedding and in this winery, you can have the best photos of your life’s most special moments at one of the best wedding venues in Auckland.

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