Jobs In Canada For Web Developers

Job Description

A company in Toronto is now looking for people who are good at web development. Job is available for for full time and part time candidates. Some requirements for applying at the jobs are given below.

Job Requirements

  • Candidate must be good at Python, Java and C++.
  • Candidate must be graduate.
  • Experience doesn’t matter if the candidate is good at mentioned programming languages.

Job Responsibilities

  • Company requires the candidates to be creative at this web development job.
  • Employee will be required to design different modules for websites using Python, Java and C++.
  • Time management skill is important skill to have at all web development or web designing jobs. Sometimes lengthy tasks would required to be accomplished in a small span of time.

Job Salary

Per hour salary would be CAD $28-$45 depending upon the experience and skill.

How To Apply?

To apply for this job, please visit this website.

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